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Time to Meet YOUR Maker

One Encounter with God
One Enemy to defeat
One Mission to fulfill.

Join The Adventure

They Answer a call
They Fulfill a Promise
They Begin a Movement

Take Off The Mask

Stop hiding behind your pain, failures, and offenses.
Discover the power within you through Adam and friends.

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Book Description

While people live under the influence of forces we cannot see, a group of teenagers learn they are a part of a plan since the beginning of time that will bring the worlds of the seen and unseen together.

Believable Characters

Adam, Aaron, Naz, Ester, Samel, Katherine, and Luther are the chosen few who remain righteous and can save those that they love from an evil plan.

Thought Provoking

The teens are not ready to fight the powerful forces working against them because they are still wrestling with problems of their own. They discover with the help from some unlikely powers how to fight what they cannot see to change what they do. Join them as they pull off their masks of fear, religious traditions, self-righteousness, unbelief, grief, anger, and acceptance, transforming into different people as they discover their true identity.



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If you have a love hate relationship with yourself,
If your truth is confusion and hopelessness,
Read Identities Unmasked and discover your true identity.

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